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"Trust your children with us"


  1. SEEDS 
(6 weeks to approximately 12 months)
    SEEDS (6 weeks to approximately 12 months)
 (approximately 12 months to 24 months)
    SEEDLINGS (approximately 12 months to 24 months)
(approximately 24 months to 3 years)
    SPROUTS (approximately 24 months to 3 years)
(approximately 4 years to 5 years)
    BLOSSOMS (approximately 4 years to 5 years)
  5. BUDS
(approximately 3 years to 4 years)
    BUDS (approximately 3 years to 4 years)
Our infant room is a safe and nurturing environment offering discovery of the world around your child.  Free play occurs during most of the day.  This play includes “tummy time” for non-mobile infants as well as time to be held, rocked, and cuddled as a part of the regularly scheduled day.  Our daily schedule of basic routines such as napping, feeding and diapering is flexible to meet the needs of the individual child.  ​​​
Once your child starts to move our walk along with assistance of furniture or push toy and are no longer in need of 2 or more naps in a day, the ones classroom server as a great transition to the toddler classroom. This will allow them more time for exploration and play, to become steadier with their walking feet, and to begin to develop language skills or even learn simple sign language to express their needs. This Classroom will allow for more independence in feeding themselves, caring for themselves and playing with their friends.
Our toddlers are definitely on the move and onto new developmental milestones. A variety of both active and quiet play activities are available to meet the needs of this group.  Working on their balance and language development our environment offers a variety of tools to help your individual child. 
This environment, both indoors and outdoors, evolves from the children’s needs, interests, experiences, and culture.  Our goal is to foster your child’s independence, exploration, and discovery.  This environment changes as needed to maximize the learning and developmental needs of all children. 
Learning moves at a somewhat faster pace.  We prepare your child for kindergarten by offering experiential activities that give them opportunities for growth in social emotional skills, vocabulary development, fine motor, gross motor, and pre-academic concepts.  This is done through an inquiry based, critical thinking approach.  This process is driven by your child’s interest and developmental readiness.