Come Play with Us!



"Trust your children with us"

Little Learners approach to child development follows several philosophies that allow for healthy physical, mental, and emotional development of infants and children.

Children need to experience the world and adults are responsible for guiding them through this great exploration. Through exposure and introduction to new things, children are able to learn and build skills at their own pace. Everyday experiences can be teaching moments for children. At Little Learners we believe that play is the work of a child, which provides the foundation for social and emotional skill development.
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Our goal is to educate the “whole child” which provides a foundation for academics.  Through playtime and one on one interactions, your child will begin to learn muscle control, how to work with others, and develop appropriate social interactions. 

From infants to pre k, our teachers and staff support children through developmental milestones.  Learning is an experience we want your child to enjoy and a successful day is one your child learned by doing! 

​​We believe in enrolling families.   Research shows children thrive and learn in an environment that is stable.  We work with parents and families to achieve stability, consistency and a supportive environment which children need to be ready for school and life. 

Parents are encouraged to contribute 20 hours per school year supporting our classrooms and teachers over the course of the school year. These hours provide critical support to our classrooms and programs. Parents can contribute to the classroom by completing simple tasks such as sewing, assembling packets, cutting things out or going to the library for the classroom. Simple tasks provide so much support to the classroom and teachers! We thank you in advance

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